Its difficult for Andrew to remember a time when knowing Jesus and singing weren’t part of his life. Andrew recounted that it began when he was very young. His Grandpa used to ‘tape’ record the kids, and the songs he sang or made up, told of who Jesus was and what he had done for him. As a young man, Andrew discovered how he could best express his heart to Christ, and to others.

These passions shaped the direction of his life, and lead to all kinds of different opportunities, not the least of which is his role as the Associate Pastor at WellSpring Community Church in Welland, ON & presently the National Worship Leader for Promise Keepers Canada.

His recently completed first CD, The God Who Sees [Everything], is a collection of original songs written by Andrew, and co-written songs by Anita Thompson (wife), Noah Thompson (son), Melanie Driedger, Jonathan Manna, and Greg Sykes.

Andrew was married to Anita in 1994, and they have 3 children Noah, Hannah, and Ella.